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Treetracker - Addressing Poverty and Climate Change through transparency in tree growing efforts

Welcome to Greenstand

Greenstand’s mission is to develop and maintain a global, open-source marketplace to digitally track and compensate farmers for growing individually managed trees to support reforestation and alleviate poverty. Our goal is to create a self-sustaining restoration platform that connects local communities in developing countries with socially- and environmentally-concerned global citizens. Restoration efforts are informed, and adjusted, based on the results of basic ecological research. We aim to enable communities to become stewards of their land while providing opportunities for gainful employment.

Since 2015, the Greenstand project, registered as a U.S.-based 501(c)(3), is laying the framework to unlock a “pay to grow” restoration model. Typically, carbon and nature-based solution funding does not flow down to the growers, and individuals on the ground are rarely paid for carbon sequestration or growing trees. With this open-source Treetracker software stack, tree growers can track the trees they plant and care for in exchange for fair monetary compensation, eliminating the need to degrade natural resources to put food on the table.

For details behind the model see Greenstand Token

For more on how to contribute see Development Overview


  1. Architectural Decision Records (ADRs) for all decisions guiding the development and philosophy of the Greenstand Engineers

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  2. Treetracker is Greenstands open source Android app to track and verify reforestation efforts globally. NEW DEVELOPERS: Please refer to the README for is issue milestones and topics! https://github.…

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  3. Our cloud infrastructure.

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  4. The Admin Panel is the part of the Treetracker project for verifying, processing and managing data collected by the Treetracker app

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  5. The front end of the treetracker web map app.

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  6. The Greenstand Wallet App

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