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Welcome to the Treetracker-android User Story wiki:

This app is created for use in remote area's, where internet services and charging sources are scarce and often not available.

Functional Criterion

Basics: This App must:

  • Work offline
  • Optimize battery life
  • Be simple to use
  • Primarily rely on devices GPS
  • Deliver Quality Data

Unique Challenges:

  • Bright sunlight and hard to see screens
  • Extremely poor internet connections, uploads often stopped and restarted.
  • Primarily used in remote places where charging and reception are not available
  • Primary users often illiterate (unable to read)
  • Multiple users on the same device, each paid via sperate "account"

User Storys

  1. User digs a hole, plants a tree, takes a photo with the tree tracker app, puts the phone in the pocket and repeats the process.
  2. User plants hundreds of trees. User returns to take photos of all trees, often accidentally duplicating photos of trees that have already been located.
  3. User updates and tends to trees sporadically taking photos of trees throughout the day.

Target Users

Primary Users:

  • Organizations/Tree Planting Project Coordinators: Semi-savvy smartphone user that organizes tree planting and coordinates large numbers of planters. Needs verification for funds spent and needs to track who planted what tree where. This user will also have database access and want to create basic reports, (# of trees planted, species, etc.). This instance will often have multiple users attached to an organizational account.

  • Individual Planter Employment: Our target user base is often unable to read, and often not the owner of the phone. Computer access for this use is not an option. They want to plant trees and have a payment for their work delivered to their mobile phone account (based on name and phone number). In this case, a village coordinator holds the phone and loans it out to users. This coordinator will often be the one to help people sign-in and sign-out of the app.

    Users return to trees, tend to trees and take 'update' images of trees to receive the monthly payment.

    Users often upload data by buying an "internet bundle"; when the data bundle is used up the upload will be paused.

Secondary User: The typical connected smart-phone user in developed country planting trees and locating them with a geo-tagged photo.

They walk home, upload images over wifi and share their work on social media. This user probably won't think to go back and tend to or update their trees on a regular base.

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