Bibliometrics Analysis based on Python
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BiblioPy for Scientific Bibliometrics

This python scripts is based on Sebastian Grauwin's BiblioTools. BiblioTools adopts bibliographic coupling to build literature similarity networks while BiblioPy, in contrast, implements co-citation analysis which is a forward-looking approach instead.


  • Main/Sub Intellectual Bases Detection via co-citation / bibliographic coupling
  • Main/Sub Intellectual Bases Gephi/Plot/Report file generation
  • Automatically transform Tex files to Pdf files
  • Intellectual Bases / Research Front description file generation
  • Automatic Keywords Extraction via tf-idf and so on
  • Automatic Keywords Extraction via Mihalcea and Tarau's TextRank (also to illustrate the relationships between keywords) and Keywords Co-occurrence Graph Gephi file generation.




  • [2014-05-04] Bug Fixes - Edges whose common references below the threshold are also generated in the Main/Sub Community Gephi File.
  • [2014-05-08] Automatic Keywords Extraction via TextRank and Keywords Co-occurrence Graph Gephi Files Generation

Liu Weizhi copyright (2014)