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xcode-select --install
brew cask install xquartz
brew install gtk+3 boost
brew install boost-python --with-python3
brew install python dlib
brew link python
pip install beautifulsoup4 selenium pyvirtualdisplay tabulate requests face_recognition django numpy scipy matplotlib scikit-image scikit-learn ipython dlib
Need to install geckodriver for Firefox instrumentation, then place it in PATH
Selenium needs 3.6 or above for headless mode
Firefox needs 56.0.0 or above for headless mode
Manual Dlib installation for facial recognition library errors:
brew install cmake
git clone
cd dlib
mkdir build; cd build; cmake ..; cmake --build .
cd ..
python3 install
May need to install XQuartz to solve 'Xvfb' issues:
If you can't run 'Xvfb -help' after installation, try running from the XQuartz terminal:
Applications > Utilities > XQuartz > Right Click in Dock > Terminal
If you run into problems, try using sudo to install with pip + for running Python.
If you get Selenium problems when running as sudo, try 'sudo su' to change to the root user, then run as root.
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