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This repository has been archived by the owner on Dec 6, 2021. It is now read-only.


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Remix Starter for Cloudflare Workers

Welcome to Remix!

This is a starter repo for using Remix with Cloudflare Workers.

It is adapted from the starter repo for Remix on Express, so go check out the documentation there for more information.



Your Remix application code. Nothing special here.


You add files to this folder that you want to be served statically (such as favicon.ico). Part of the Remix build step also dumps some assets into public/build/.


The Cloudflare Worker code. This serves the static files from public/ and failing that (where there is no file), it serves a response from the Remix server.


Left over from the starter-express project, this isn't actually used by the Worker. It's useful for local development though, so it's left in for convenience.


NOTE: This currently requires a modified version of wrangler to run. A PR is open here.

The configuration file for your Cloudflare Worker. Documentation can be found here, but TL;DR:

# The name of your Worker script (as it appears in the dashboard)
name = "remix"

# Must be set to `"javascript"`
type = "javascript"

# Your Cloudflare Account ID
account_id = "5a883b414d4090a1442b20361f3c43a9"   #

# If you want to run this on *, set to `true`, otherwise...
workers_dev = true

# If you want to run this on a custom domain, set `zone_id` and `route`...
# Your custom domain's Zone ID
zone_id = "b45d1950557ee2c633714eef986d537a"

# The route to run this Worker on (probably just `*`)
route = "*"

# Configuring Workers Sites...

# The static folder to serve
bucket = "./public"

# The folder with your Worker code
entry-point = "workers-site"

# Configuring the custom build step...

# `"service-worker"` for easy mode, but if you're using Durable Objects, you'll need `"modules"` (no example built yet)
upload_format = "service-worker"

# The command to build the Worker
command = "npm install && npm run build"

# The directory to execute the build commands in
cwd = "workers-site"