Tools for managing Web Bookmarks in a PostgreSQL Database
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Directory: BookmarksToSQL

This project provides tools for storing Bookmarks from popular browsers in a PostgreSQL database.

Goals, i.e. Why Do This?

  1. Easy maintenance of Bookmark Organization
  • Deduplicate links where cross-referencing not desired
  • Correct and optimize tags and folders
  • Merge in bookmarks from different browsers and sessions
  1. Include subsets of bookmarks on selected web pages
  • Serve latest matching bookmarks
  1. Private and Secure Sync
  • Replace proprietary, unreliable and primitive syncing systems
  1. Smart Social Bookmarking
  • Multiple users sync to same database
  • Users select what to share by Folder and Tag
  1. Full SQL Queries for Bookmarks
  • What would this let you do?


  1. ALMOST DONE: Translate Netscape/Firefox/Google-Chrome saved bookmark files into PostgreSQL SQL using XSLT.
  2. Dedup & merge all bookmarks using SQL
  3. Recreate a saved bookmark file using SQL & XSLT
  4. Write SQL scripts to maintain links
  5. Write SQL scripts to share selected links, e.g. on web pages
  6. Write Browser add-ons to update bookmarks directly with the database