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A project for visualizing and sending rgb data to leds in 2D arrays. Arbitrary arrangements of led strips can be set up with SOP geometry. A TOP texture is then used for a direct wysiwyg-type sampling for led color.
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Pixel mapping with arbitrary 2D Geometric arrangements. Uses a TOP texture to control colors.

This is a visualizer (with 3 approaches CHOP, SOP and GLSL) but also has the ability to send the rgb color data out to your led controller.


The SOP geometry determines the addressing for your leds.

For example this circular arrangement has 20 strips of 30 leds each.


There's a CHOP named LEDRGBData. This has all the rgb data sequenced in one long channel. So the first 3 samples of this, correspond to the RGB data of the led address of 0. The second 3 samples are the RGB data for the address 1, and so on.


This CHOP data can then go directly out to your led controller.

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