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3.8.1 Measurement Loggers

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GPS location, heart rate
Health Device Example Product Open Source Interface Health Measurement Raw measurement Derived measurements
GPS and heart rate monitor Garmin Forerunner USB, Windows program to text Aerobic excersize intensity; Sleep heart rate monitoring Speed, calories
pedometer Omron 2-axis pedometer USB, Windows program to text Aerobic excersize intensity steps per hour Distance, calories
4 camera DVR US Security Solutions Ethernet SMB share Sleep monitoring
Voice recorder Costco. Panasonic USB storage Voice log, Sleep monitoring
Scale Hemming Weigh USB, Windows program; not to text Weight, body fat percent water
Blood Pressure meter USB, Windows program to text Blood pressure Systolic, diastolic, heart rate other
Lung volume Arduino Lung volume, inspiration and expiraton rate
Oximeter USB, Windows program to text; Arduino Blood oxygen content other
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