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CatSqueel is an app with a simple premise: you achieve more when you have to work for your rewards.



In this app, you are an Achiever. Every achiever has Manado (mana-doo as in mana-for-doing). Your Manado changes in several ways:

  • You get Manado by completing Achievements (an action that you want to reinforce doing)
  • You lower Manado by using a Reward (ie something pleasurable for you)
  • You lower Manado by tripping a Punisher (an action that you want to weed out)

Thats it!



Currently being ported from the older SIG project.

The repo is useless right now

Cat Squeel? Really?

Kociokwik (polish) - (en. cat squeel) - a period/circumstance of intense activity, especially when the activity load in question leads to urgent tasks overshadowing the important ones. To be avoided.



  • Login system :)
  • The rest is being ported from SIG


v 0.1

In both the API and Web Client:

  • ability to lower/raise Manadoo by triggering Rewards, Punishments and Achievements
  • Asana integration built in

v 0.2


v 0.3 - TBA


I don't want to fall prey to future creep, but there are some fun things that I might work on when I have some spare time.

  • add experience and levels - just as as fun thing, 1XP = 1 Manadoo (but it doesn't deteriorate ever)
  • challenges and badges - I feel that offering the player progressively more challenging chains of achievements can have a positive effect (ie. if you are stuck in a rut, the system will challenge you to acquire 100 points within 7 days. Or it can detect that you've been letting yourself go lately and offer you a challenge for a "bounce back" badge or something.

Other considerations

Why not HabitRPG

  • HabitRPG has gold, silver, experience, health and so on, which in my mind muddles the direct correlation of achievement=reward.
  • HabitRPG sometimes loses data (happened to me more that once) or kills you off if you forget to tend to it, which is one more similiarity to a cow clicker that I can handle.
  • It is a bit infantile, which isn't really a bad thing per se, but in this case it ticked me off.


  • Asana API as a source of achievements - This was actually the idea that started this project off. I wanted to get an overall view of how productive I was in terms of tasks done per day, and decided it wasn't that hard to build something that would moderate my reward as a result of that.


Ruby version

Deveped using Ruby 2.0, but I hadn't used any version specific things, so should probably run on 1.9.3 (not tested)

Deploy hooks

There is some development infrastructure setup alongside the project in the form of git hooks. Currently this functionality is:

  • pre-commit: ** Run rubocop to enforce good coding practice
  • post-commit: ** Save current sandi_meter start for later analysis

To setup all hooks run the following in the project root:

ln development/hooks/post-commit.rb .git/hooks/post-commit
chmod +x .git/hooks/post-commit
ln development/hooks/ .git/hooks/pre-commit
chmod +x .git/hooks/pre-commit

Changelog (old)


  • allow for manado markers to be entered into asana task titles (not just notes)
  • added short syntax for manado in asana (^5^) - introduced mainly for task title usage