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This package was inspired (and borrows a lot of code from) the Debian package cloud-initramfs-growroot. The idea is for a cloud image (AMI, QCOW2, etc) to detect the size of the underlying block device, resize the root partition to fill it, and then resize the root filesystem. This clearly needs to happen before the root filesystem is mounted, so it's necessary to do it in a mkinitcpio hook.


Testing on an existing, unresized cloud image

Install from the AUR, and add grow to your HOOKS list in /etc/mkinicpio.conf. It depends on the fsck binary from the fsck hook, but can be placed before fsck if you like.

Then rebuild the initramfs - mkinitcpio -p linux and reboot - your disk should resize as it boots up.

Baking into a cloud image

See my arch OpenStack image script for an example of building an Arch OpenStack image - just add mkinitcpio-growrootfs to the list of packages to install in your image as it's built.


Current only supports ext filesystems - I need to find a way to detect the filesystem type so that I can call the appropriate resize tool. Until then, resize2fs is baked in.

Copyright / License

Copyright Greg Sutcliffe (greg.sutcliffe@gmail.com) 2013. License is GPLv3.

growpart is copyright Scott Moser scott.moser@canonical.com and is GPLv3