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What is it?

A Puppet module for installing and configuring Ampache and MPD

Released under the Apache 2.0 licence


This has only been tested on Ubuntu Server 11.10. The MPD client has also been tested on ArchLinux.


Review the parameters in ampache::params (not much in there right now)

  • TODO: Move the other params from config to params

Your music server should include the ampache class, and you need to set the variable "db_pass" for database access.

Any machine you want to control mpd on from Ampache should include ampache::mpd

Known Issues:

Ampache is a typical PHP webservice - it expects you to set up Apache, Mysql and PHP (all out of scope for this module) and then surf to "myhost/ampache" and run the installer.

There is a stub service class which ensures Apache is running and can be restarted when the Ampache vhost is added. If you already have a Apache class, remove this one and notify your own from install and config.

As such, this module doesn't do much - it does deploy a config file (which was generated when I installed ampache, but that's not very helpful to anyone else.

I would recommend following the basic Ampache install before copying the resulting config file into this module, and then use this to maintain your installation

For MPD, it is common for PulseAudio to run as a user, so mpd needs to be run as the same user for it to play sound. For MythTV this will be whatever user is running the Mythfrontend process. Adjust ampache::mpd appropriately, and review templates/mpd.conf

Integration of MPD streams to Ampache is not yet written - add it in Ampache under Localplay -> Add Instance.


greg.sutcliffe@gmail.com gwmngilfen on Freenode ( #puppet / #foreman / #archlinux )