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Web Components for drawing simplified airport diagrams
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Web Component for drawing simplified airport diagrams.

This repository contains a simple javascript library that can be included on any page to add simple airport diagrams to the page, such as this one:

The source code for this example looks like:

<airport-diagram width=200 height=200>
  <airport-runway length-ft=4001 true-heading=132>
    <runway-id name=12 pattern=left></runway-id>
    <runway-id name=30 pattern=left></runway-id>
  <airport-runway length-ft=3438 true-heading=090
                  offset-angle=0 offset-x=0 offset-y=700>
    <runway-id name=8 pattern=left></runway-id>
    <runway-id name=26 pattern=left></runway-id>

To use, simply include the javascript file at the bottom of your page:

<script src=svg-airports-1.0.js async></script>

A quick description of the fields above:

  • airport-diagram: This sets up a container for the image with width/height specified in pixels.
  • airport-runway: One or more runways can be specified.
    • The length-ft attribute provides lengths which will be used to relatively size multiple runways.
    • The true-heading attribute specifies the true heading of the runway in degrees. Use values < 180.
    • offset-angle, offset-x, and offset-y can be used to translate the runway. By default each runway center is centered within the diagram image. offset-x will move the runway to the east by the provided number of ft, offset-y to the north. If offset-angle is set, the offsets will be relative to the provided angle. Typically setting an offset angle perpendicular to the runway heading allows one to position it most easily.
  • runway-id provides the runway labels and pattern indicator for the runway. name can be a value like 12 or 7L while pattern must be either left or right.
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