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A beautiful and fully-featured administration interface builder for hypermedia APIs
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API Platform Admin

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API Platform Admin is a tool to automatically create a beautiful (Material Design) and fully-featured administration interface for any API supporting the Hydra Core Vocabulary, including but not limited to all APIs created using the API Platform framework.

The generated administration is a 100% standalone Single-Page-Application with no coupling to the server part, according to the API-first paradigm.

API Platform Admin parses Hydra or OpenAPI documentations, then uses the awesome React-admin library (and React) to expose a nice, responsive, management interface (Create-Retrieve-Update-Delete) for all available resources.

You can also customize all screens by using React-admin components and even raw JavaScript/React code.


yarn add @api-platform/admin


import React, { Component } from 'react';
import { HydraAdmin } from '@api-platform/admin';

class App extends Component {
  render() {
    return <HydraAdmin entrypoint=""/> // Replace with your own API entrypoint

export default App;


  • Automatically generate an admin interface for all the resources of the API thanks to hypermedia features of Hydra
  • Generate list, create, show, edit screens as well as a delete button
  • Generate suitable inputs and fields according to the API doc (e.g. number HTML input for numbers, checkbox for booleans, selectbox for relationships...)
  • Generate suitable inputs and fields according to types if available (e.g. email field for
  • Handle relationships
  • Pagination support
  • Automatically validate if a field is mandatory client-side according to the API description
  • Send proper HTTP requests to the API and decode them using Hydra and JSON-LD formats
  • Nicely display server-side errors (e.g. advanced validation)
  • 100% customizable


The documentation of API Platform Admin can be browsed on the official website.


Created by Kévin Dunglas. Sponsored by Commercial support available upon request.

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