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Files and scripts used to configure my Ubuntu computer
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Files and scripts used to configure my Ubuntu computer.

What kind of modifications are applied?

System modifications

User modifications

  • Use chromium as default browser.

  • Use xfce4-terminal as a dropdown terminal (open / hide it with F12).

  • Add applications/aliases/commands:

  • Configure bash prompt:

    • add a new line if the previous command does not insert it.
    • add exit code of the previous command.
    • add time.
    • add git information.
  • Configure git:

    • ignore PhpStorm metadata.
    • add alias lg: have more logs about the current project
    • add alias oops: add the current changes to the previous commit
  • Configure unity:

    • always show the menu.
    • configure launcher.
    • disable automount.
    • disable screen auto locking after inactivity.
    • disable sticky edges.
    • disable the remote lenses.
    • lock the screen with Super + l.
    • minimize applications in launcher.
    • use recursive search.

How to use this project?

To configure the system:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo bin/
sudo powertop --calibrate

To configure the user:

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