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Calavera React Client

This is the client part of Calavera. It allows to create a nice website from a Git repository containing Markdown docs.


  • Renders a repository containing Markdown docs in HTML
  • Exposes docs and metadata (authors, modification dates...) through a JSON-LD API
  • Single Page Application built with React, Redux and React Router
  • Universal Rendering (Server-Side Rendering)
  • Bootstrap theme
  • Edit on GitHub link
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Docker setup
  • Easy to customize


Be sure to have Docker installed on your machine the:

  1. Install the client:

git clone

  1. Clone the Git repository containing Markdown files in the data directory:

git clone data-src

  1. Generate .jsonld files using Calavera:

docker run -v $PWD/data-src:/in -v $PWD/src/static/data:/out dunglas/calavera /in /out

  1. Copy assets and images:

cd data-src && find . -not -name '*.md' -exec rsync -R {} ../src/static/data \; && cd -

  1. Install JS dependencies:

docker-compose run web npm install

  1. Start the container:

docker-compose up


Features can be enabled or disabled using environment variables. If you use Docker, you can set them directly in the docker-compose.yml file.

Enable the “Edit on GitHub” link

You can define two environment variables to enable the “Edit on GitHub” link:

  • CALAVERA_GITHUB_DOCUMENTATION_REPOSITORY: the path of the github repo (eg. api-platform/docs), with no trailing slash. If present, the “edit on github” link will be displayed.
  • CALAVERA_GITHUB_DOCUMENTATION_BRANCH: the branch of the repo to link to (default to master)

Enable the Google Analytics integration

Create a CALAVERA_GOOGLE_ANALYTICS_ID environment variable containing your Google Analytics ID (UA-XXXXXXXX-1) and the Google Analytics integration will be enabled.


Main authors: Kévin Dunglas and Rodrigue Villetard. Sponsored by

Built using React Redux Universal Hot Example.

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