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Integrating graphQL with reasonML
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This repository uses plain GraphQL, Reason and Apollo.

If you're looking for an easier way to use GraphQL, checkout the official reason-apollo bindings

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Run this project:

npm install
npm run start:server
npm start # in a new tab

Once your express server is running with npm run start:server,
open a new tab and start the client with npm start this will run your client written in ReasonML. Then modify whichever .re file in src/simple/ and the page will reflect the changes automatically.

You can see and modify the graphQL schema, running in express in apollo-server/schema. (install nodemon to automatically restart the server)

The client is build using ReasonReact. uses graphql from react-apollo to enhance ReasonML components with queries and mutations. uses the query and mutations

If you're looking for a very simple/basic example:

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