Collection of easyblock that implement support for building and installing software with EasyBuild.
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EasyBuild: building software with ease

The easybuild-easyblocks package provides a collection of easyblocks for EasyBuild (, a software build and installation framework written in Python that allows you to install software in a structured, repeatable and robust way.

Easyblocks are Python modules that implement the install procedure for a (group of) software package(s). Together with the EasyBuild framework, they allow to easily build and install supported software packages.

The code of the easybuild-easyblocks package is hosted on GitHub, along with an issue tracker for bug reports and feature requests, see

The EasyBuild documentation is available on the GitHub wiki of the easybuild meta-package, see

Related packages:

  • easybuild-framework

( the EasyBuild framework, which includes the easybuild.framework and Python packages that provide general support for building and installing software

  • easybuild-easyconfigs

( a collection of example easyconfig files that specify which software to build, and using which build options; these easyconfigs will be well tested with the latest compatible versions of the easybuild-framework and easybuild-easyblocks packages