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gelfload is Gregor's ELF loader. It is a usermode loader for ELF executables, used for two purposes: 1) Creating ELF environments on otherwise ELF-hostile platforms (e.g. Mac OS X and Windows) 2) Cross-loading ELF binaries intended for different platforms.
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This is gelfload, a portable runtime ELF loader. It lets you use ELF on
platforms that don't natively support ELF!

Some special properties of gelfload:

 * To integrate gelfload well into platforms that /do/ support ELF, gelfload
   ELF files should have their interpreter set to /usr/bin/gelfload-ld

 * gelfload ELF files may refer to gelfload .so files by their standard name,
   or they may use symbolic names to refer to host libraries:
   * libhost_<name> refers to the library <name> on the host, e.g. or libhost_msvcrt.dll
   * refers to:
     * if possible, all libraries loaded by gelfload in the host, including
       certainly at least libc
     * otherwise, libc or the nearest equivalent, e.g. msvcrt.dll
   * libloader_dl.0 refers to the loader's builtin library providing dlopen()
     and dlsym()

gelfload is still in development, and doesn't yet support all ELF relocations.
Some tests are in test/. They're tested primarily on GNU/Linux, however the
test named testdl uses only standard libc functions and should work on any host
system (including e.g. Mac OS X).
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