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This is a CLI to scrape the national rail website and quickly get journey times. It is intended more as an experiment to learn about web scraping rather than a serious project.


A typical use case may be to look up trains from Basingstoke to Waterloo in an hour. To do this we simply call:

$ GetTrainTimes -f BSK -t WAT -d 60

This willl produce a table:

Trains from BSK to WAT leaving after 10:18
Departs   Arrives   Takes
10:17     11:07     50
10:24     11:36     72
10:30     11:19     49
10:35     11:20     45
10:43     11:34     51

Nice and simple. For the input station names, you can use any format and an attempt will be made. However, it is generally best to use the three letter station code defined by national rail, since there could be more than one station with a similar name. To aid with this we provide a helper function to look up matched. For example, if you wanted to know the station code for waterloo:

$ GetTrainTimes -g Waterloo

Then GetTrainTimes will return

Best matches for input: waterloo
london waterloo : WAT
london waterloo east : WAE
waterloo (merseyside) : WLO

This is a great example of why using the TLA (three letter acronym) is less error prone. Note that using this function requires numpy to be installed for the search, and wget to be instaled to download the station codes. The former cannot be avoided, but you can avoid installing wget by downloading the station codes manually from here and placing the file station_codes.csv in this directory.


The only non-standard library module that is required for normal operation is BeautifulSoup.


From source

Clone the repo and

$ sudo python install