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Repository for the July 2018 OzGrav inference workshop
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A repository for the July 2018 OzGrav inference workshop. In this repository you'll find the timetable, location information, and lecture materials. Many of these will be added before the workshop begins and then we will add to this as we go. If you find think we are missing something let us know.

Local organisation

All three days of the workshop will be hosted in Studio 2 (ground floor), School of Physics and Astronomy, 10 College Walk, Clayton Campus. Click here for a map.

Using this repository

This repo is publically accessible and anyone can navigate through the links to find the material. If you would like a local copy, anyone with or without a github account can clone the repository using

$ git clone


To get the most out of the workshop, we recommend you bring your laptop and power supply as many of the session will be interactive. You may also wish to have a working installation of python. If you are worried about having any of this ready, come along to the workshop early where we can help you make sure you are ready to go.


Monday: Introduction to Inference

Time Subject
0900 Coffee at Cafe Cinque Lire, 15 Innovation Walk + setup time
0945 Opening remarks
1000 Introduction to Bayesian Inference (Eric Thrane)
1040 Numerical inference (Rory Smith)
1120 Coding workshop - numerical inference
1200 Lunch
1300 Sampling (Rory Smith)
1340 Introduction to sampling (Greg Ashton)
1410 Coding workshop
1440 Sampling packages (MCMC/Nested sampling) (Greg Ashton)
1500 Coffee
1530 Introduction to TUPAK (Paul Lasky)
1600 Coding workshop - examples with tupak

Tuesday: Inference in Astrophysics

Time Subject
0900 Transient multimessenger astronomy: now
0930 Transient multimessenger astronomy: the future
0945 Transient multimessenger astronomy: open discussion
1015 Coffee
1045 Instrumentation: now
1115 Instrumentation: the future
1130 Instrumentation: open discussion
1200 Lunch
1300 Neutron stars: now
1330 Neutron stars: the future
1345 Neutron stars: open discussion
1415 Coffee
1445 Pulsar timing: now
1515 Pulsar timing: the future
1530 Pulsar timing: open discussion
1600 Coffee
1630 Ideas sparkler session

Note - the "Transient multimessenger astronomy" and "Pulsar timing" sessins have been switched in order to allow colleagues at a conference in South Africa to join remotely for the pulsar timing session.

Wednesday: Inference workshop

Time Subject
0900 Group planning
0930 Breakout planning + start hacking
1030 Coffee
1200 Lunch
1500 Coffee
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