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This is a fork of Jody White's pyweather which:

Uses Geopy to convert (almost) any location into Latitude and Longitude coordinates, and then use those coordinates to look up the weather conditions.

This fork create a command line program which outputs the forecast to the terminal.

To use this, you will need an api key from which can be found by registering here


Clone the source, then

python install

On the first use, you will be asked for the API key found on the forecast wbesite. The API key is stored in ~/.pyweatherrc and can be edited manually, or accesed through the command line flags (see forecast -h).


Typical usage consists of calling with either the -l or equivalently the --location flag for example:

Budapest demo

A location will be requested if none is given.


  • Improve and finish ASCII weather symbols
  • Add a default location to the rc file