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GBE+ by: shonumi

GBE+ latest offical release:

How to use these graphic packs

Place 'Load' Folder in the GBE-plus data folder

Select desired manifest in options/paths/CGFX Manifest

Known issues


A lot of the background issues can be fixed with rom hacks. Still waiting for GBE+ to impliment cheats or IPS patching to resolve this. Also hoping for changing graphics if certain values in RAM are equal to specific values. That will fix fire Mario to be the right color when the RAM value matches the specified value in the manifest and also make it possible to have tiles that are the same hash look different depending on which level data value is in the RAM. Combine that with rom hacks and you can get super detailed levels. Also hoping for animated textures so I can fix the static question blocks, starman pickup and coins.


GBC loading is not working as of yet.


The only issue I am aware of is the screen fade when entering new zones.


There is an issue with the room you find Daisy in after boss levels. This is due to the romhack, and I'm uncertain as to how to fix it at this moment.