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React-Native image filters using gl-react
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OpenGL bindings for React Native to implement complex effects over images and components, in the descriptive VDOM paradigm. You can use predefined filters:

  • blur
  • contrast
  • saturation
  • brightness
  • hue
  • negative
  • sepia
  • sharpen
  • tempreture.

gl-react-native is an implementation of gl-react for react-native. Please read the main gl-react README for more information.



Props for ImageFilters component

Name Description Type Required Default Value
children Inner component or url for image Any
width Width of component Number 240
height Height of component Number 240
hue Hue filter Number 0
blur Blur filter Number 0
sepia Sepia filter Number 0
sharpen Sharpen filter Number 0
negative Negative filter Number 0
contrast Contrast filter Number 1
saturation Saturation filter Number 1
brightness Brightness filter Number 1
temperature Temperature filter Number 6500


npm i --save gl-react-native@2.48.0
npm i --save gl-react@2.2.0
npm i --save react-native-gl-image-filters


yarn add gl-react-native@2.48.0
yarn add gl-react@2.2.0
yarn add react-native-gl-image-filters

Configure your React Native Application

on iOS:

or if you use Cocapods:

pod 'RNGL', :path => './node_modules/gl-react-native'

on Android:

  1. android/settings.gradle:: Add the following snippet
include ':RNGL'
project(':RNGL').projectDir = file('../node_modules/gl-react-native/android')
  1. android/app/build.gradle: Add in dependencies block.
compile project(':RNGL')
  1. in your MainApplication (or equivalent) the RNGLPackage needs to be added. Add the import at the top:
import com.projectseptember.RNGL.RNGLPackage;
  1. In order for React Native to use the package, add it the packages inside of the class extending ReactActivity.
protected List<ReactPackage> getPackages() {
  return Arrays.<ReactPackage>asList(
	new MainReactPackage(),
	new RNGLPackage()


import React, { Component } from 'react';
import {
} from 'react-native';
import { Surface } from "gl-react-native";
import ImageFilters from "react-native-gl-image-filters";

export default class App extends Component {
  save = () => {
    if (!this.image) return;

    this.image.captureFrame() // <= you can pass config here, check docs

  render() {
    return (
      <View style={styles.container}>
        <Text style={styles.welcome}>
          Welcome to React Native Image Filters!
          ref={ref => (this.image = ref)}
        <Button title="Save" onPress={} />

const styles = StyleSheet.create({
  container: {
    flex: 1,
    justifyContent: 'center',
    alignItems: 'center',
    backgroundColor: '#F5FCFF',
  welcome: {
    fontSize: 20,
    textAlign: 'center',
    margin: 10,
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