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Mtm - Man in the middle tool


This tool can be use to perform a man in the middle using ARP poisoning on two given hosts.

Using osdep, a tunnel creation library which is part of the aircrack project, it can set up an interface (mitm0) in which the replayed packets will be written (to sniff easily).

This tool is useful for network debugging and monitoring, and was NOT designed for malicious usage.

Building & using

You'll need the lib pcap:

apt-get install libcap0.8-dev

To build it, symply run:


The usage is:

MitM v0.23 by GregWar
Usage: mitm -i interface [-t] ip1 ip2
    -i interface:       specify network interface to use
    ip1:                The IP adress of the first victim
    ip2:                The IP adress of the second victim
    -t:         Create a TAP interface containing the
            replayed packets (in order to sniff)

For example:

mitm -i wlan0 -t

Will ARP poison and All the replayed packets will be available in the pseudo-interface mitm0.


This is under the MIT license

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