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Demonstration of my data science skills (linear regression, random forest, neural network, bayesian, deep learning) using python ecosystem for machine learning (pandas, numpy, tensorflow, scikit-learn)

Pierre-Edouard GUERIN


  • To run these analysis with python on a local machine using linux terminal, see
  • To run on binder server using already built docker image with all prerequisites, simply click on the button 'launch binder' related to the analysis


Machine Learning

(Scikit-learn, Pandas, Seaborn, Matplotlib, Xgboost, Lightgbm)

  • Linear regression: Predicting Housing Prices: A model to predict the value of a given house in the Boston real estate market using linear regression improved by tree-like modeling methods. Identified the best price that a client can sell their house utilizing machine learning.

Deep learning

(numpy, Keras, Tensorflow)