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Add extra space above set method to match the style of the rest of th…

…e project. Added in some documentation describing what the method can be used for.
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1 parent a32cb75 commit 674df56992c2c3782185ee904e82f0a8094c3742 @neevor neevor committed Nov 30, 2011
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7 src/greplin/tornado/
@@ -76,7 +76,14 @@ def event(self, name, **params):
params['_p'] = self._user_id
self._call(self.KM_EVENT, params)
def set(self, **params):
+ """Set properties on a person without tracking an event.
+ example: self.set(test_name="testA")
+ This will assign the property "testA" to the user identified by self._user_id.
+ This property can be used to segment your visitors when viewing reports.
+ """
params = params or {}
params['_p'] = self._user_id
self._call(self.KM_SET, params)

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