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# Copyright 2010 Greplin, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS-IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.
# Author: Daniel Gross <>
# Based on the python bindings by Patrick Collison <>
Asynchronous Tornado bindings for the devpayments API
import functools
import urllib
from tornado import httpclient, escape
except ImportError:
raise ImportError("Tornado is required for this binding. See for more information")
class Client(object):
"""A client for devpayment's API for use with Tornado
Usage (within a RequestHandler):
def post(self):
devpay = devpayments.Client(self.settings['devpayments_secret'])
sample_card = {
'number': '4242424242424242',
'exp_month': 10,
'exp_year': 2011
amount=2000, currency='usd', card=sample_card,
def _on_executed(self, res, context):
API_URL = ""
def __init__(self, key, raise_errors=True):
self._key = key
self._raise_errors = raise_errors
def retrieve(self, callback, **params):
Fetch a DP charge token representing the supplied transaction as described in params,
assuming the transaction has previously been prepared or executed; does not execute the transaction.
self._require(params, ['id'])
self._call(callback, 'retrieve_charge', params)
def execute(self, callback, **params):
Execute the described transaction. Transaction is specified either using a DP token or by supplying amount and currency arguments.
* amount: integer amount to be charged in cents
* currency: lowercase 3-character string from set {usd, cad, ars,...} - for full specification see
* card: dictionary object describing card details
* number: string representing credit card number
* exp_year: integer representing credit card expiry year
* exp_month: integer representing credit card expiry month
*OPTIONAL* name: string representing cardholder name
*OPTIONAL* address_line_1: string representing cardholder address, line 1
*OPTIONAL* address_line_2: string representing cardholder address, line 2
*OPTIONAL* address_zip: string representing cardholder zip
*OPTIONAL* address_state: string representing cardholder state
*OPTIONAL* address_country: string representing cardholder country
*OPTIONAL* cvc: CVC Number
* customer: the id of an existing customer
self._require(params, ['amount', 'currency'])
self._call(callback, 'execute_charge', params)
def refund(self, callback, **params):
Refund a previously executed charge by passing this method the charge token
self._require(params, ['id'])
self._call(callback, 'refund_charge', params)
def create_customer(self, callback, **params):
Create a new customer with the given token, and set the supplied
credit card as the active card to be their active card.
Used for recurring billing.
return self._call(callback, 'create_customer', params)
def update_customer(self, callback, **params):
Set a credit card as the active card for a given customer. Used for recurring billing.
self._require(params, ['id'])
return self._call(callback, 'update_customer', params)
def bill_customer(self, callback, **params):
Add a once-off amount to a customer's account. Used for recurring billing.
self._require(params, ['id', 'amount'])
return self._call(callback, 'bill_customer', params)
def retrieve_customer(self, callback, **params):
Retrieve billing info for the given customer. Used for recurring billing.
self._require(params, ['id'])
return self._call(callback, 'retrieve_customer', params)
def delete_customer(self, callback, **params):
Delete the given customer. They will not be charged again, even if there is an outstanding balance on their account.
self._require(params, ['id'])
return self._call(callback, 'delete_customer', params)
def _nested_dict_to_url(self, d):
We want post vars of form:
{'foo': 'bar', 'nested': {'a': 'b', 'c': 'd'}}
to become (pre url-encoding):
stk = []
for key, value in d.items():
if isinstance(value, dict):
n = {}
for k, v in value.items():
n["%s[%s]" % (key, k)] = v
stk.append((key, value))
return stk
def _require(self, params, req):
Internal: strict verification of parameter list
for r in req:
if r not in params:
raise InvalidRequestException("Missing required param: %s" % r)
def _call(self, callback, method, extra_params):
Internal: Call a devpaymnets API method
params = {
'client':{'type':'binding', 'language':'python_tornado', 'version':'1.4.3'}
if extra_params:
http = httpclient.AsyncHTTPClient()
http.fetch(self.API_URL, functools.partial(self._parse_response, callback, method),
method="POST", body=urllib.urlencode(self._nested_dict_to_url(params)))
def _parse_response(self, callback, method, response):
"""Parse a response from the API"""
res = escape.json_decode(response.body)
if self._raise_errors and res.get('error'):
err = {
'card_error': CardException,
'invalid_request_error': InvalidRequestException,
'api_error': APIException
raise err[res['error']['type']](res['error']['message'])
callback(Response(res), method)
class Response(object):
"""A Devpayments response object"""
def __init__(self, res_dict):
self._dict = res_dict
def __getattr__(self, name):
if isinstance(self._dict[name], dict):
return Response(self._dict[name])
return self._dict[name]
def get(self, name, fallback=None):
"""Mimic dict.get"""
return self._dict[name]
except KeyError:
return fallback
class DevPayException(Exception):
"""Generic exception class for all Devpayments errors"""
def __init__(self, msg):
super(DevPayException, self).__init__(msg)
class APIConnectionError(DevPayException):
class CardException(DevPayException):
class InvalidRequestException(DevPayException):
class APIException(DevPayException):
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