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Grid Protection Alliance (GPA)

GPA is a not-for-profit corporation formed to facilitate the development of comprehensive electric energy solutions.

Founded in 2010, the Grid Protection Alliance's first open source products were designed to support real-time synchrophasor data systems. In 2013 GPA expanded its open source products to solve other utility information management problems including products to manage and present data from Digital Fault Recorders (DFRs) and Power Quality Meters, and an information historian that can be used to solve a broader range of utility information issues.

This GitHub organizational site hosts all of GPA's main open source products.


  1. gsf Public

    Grid Solutions Framework

    C# 146 66

  2. openPDC Public

    Open Source Phasor Data Concentrator

    C# 109 59

  3. The Open Source Time-Series Data Historian

    TypeScript 150 47

  4. openXDA Public

    eXtensible Disturbance Analytics

    JavaScript 14 7

  5. openMIC Public

    Meter Information Collection System

    C# 15 11

  6. SIEGate Public

    Secure Information Exchange Gateway

    C# 6 4


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