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Required Tools
o Sandcastle May 2008 release - Tool for building help files from code comments (Installer > Sancastle.msi).
o Sandcastle Styles patch - Fixes bugs in HTML Help 2.x compilation (Patch >
o Sandcastle Help File Builder - Tool that simplifies the usage of Sandcastle (Installer > SandcastleBuilder1802Setup.msi).
o HTML Help Workshop - Compiler for building HTML Help 1.x (.CHM) help files (Install URL >
o HTML Help 2.x Compiler - Compiler for building HTML Help 2.x (.HxS) help files (Install URL >

Optional Tools
o H2 Viewer - Tools for viewing HTML Help 2.x files without registering them (Install URL >
o H2Reg - Tool for registering HTML Help 2.x files (Install URL >
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