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Project Description The openHistorian administered by the Grid Protection Alliance(GPA) is a system for collecting, archiving, retrieving and displaying time-series event data in real-time from multiple data sources.

A version of the openHistorian (Version 1.0) has been included with the openPDC since its initial release in 2009.  This project is intended to extend and productize this initial version of the openHistorian to improve its performance and its flexibility to store and retrieve a broader range of time-series data types. This work on the openHistorian 2.0 began in early 2012.  This site has been established so the community can follow and participate in this development activity. A beta release of the openHistorian is anticipated in the Spring of 2015.

The openHistorian 2.0 has been optimized for:

  • Assurance of archived data integrity / continuity
  • Broad data source connectivity
  • High performance data capture & retrieval
  • Efficient, high-volume data storage
  • High availability

openHistorian Services

Helpful links

  • [Installation guide](Installation Guide)
  • [FAQ](Frequently Asked Questions)

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