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Converting openPDC Database

Stephen Jenks edited this page Jan 17, 2017 · 2 revisions

If you have been using the Historian 1.0 included in the openPDC, want to upgrade to Historian 2.0 in the openHistorian, and want to keep access to your old data from the openHistorian, you need to convert the database openPDC is using so that the openHistorian can use it. Here is how you do it:

  1. Stop the openPDC and openHistorian services.
  • Make a copy of the openPDC database.
  • Use the openHistorian Configuration Setup Utility to have the openHistorian use the copy of the openPDC database. Uncheck the "Start the openHistorian" and "Start the openHistorianManager" boxes at the last step
  • Start the openHistorian Manager.
  • Go to Inputs -> Subscription Based Inputs -> Create Internal Subscription.
  • Enter "PDC" for the Name and Acronym, enter "xyz" for the Hostname (This will be changed later), enter "6165" for the Port, leave the UDP Port checkbox unchecked and save.
  • Select "PPA" as the Historian and save.
  • Go to Inputs -> Browse Input Devices.
    • For each input device that is not a concentrator, change the Concentrator to "PDC" and save.
    • Disable all concentrators besides "PDC".
  • Go to System -> Manage Nodes.
  • Change the port numbers to 8510, 6175, and 5019 and save.
  • Go to Outputs -> Historian Instances.
  • Select "PPA", change the Type Name to "openHistorian.Adapters.LocalOutputAdapter" and the Assembly Name to "openHistorian.Adapters.dll" and save.
  • Go to Inputs -> Browse Input Devices.
  • Select "PDC"
  • In the connection string, change the server from "xyz" to the machine that the openPDC service is running on, in my case, localhost.
  • Restart the openPDC and openHistorian services.
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