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Limit Total Archive Days

J. Ritchie Carroll edited this page Aug 28, 2019 · 1 revision

The openHistorian configuration string parameter “MaximumArchiveDays” is used to limit total number archive days of data to save. The connection string parameter is stored in the configuration database along with the openHistorian adapter.

To set the parameter, open the openHistorian Manager application (UI not web), and navigate to “Outputs / Historian Instances” from the main menu.

Select “PPA” in the adapter list at the bottom, and add MaximumArchiveDays=30 to the connection string to limit archive to 30 days - note that multiple parameters are separated by semicolons. Click “Save” and then “Initialize” to apply the change.

Below is an example database query to retrieve openHistorian archive adapter parameters:

SELECT Acronym, Name, AssemblyName, TypeName, ConnectionString
FROM Historian WHERE TypeName = 'openHistorian.Adapters.LocalOutputAdapter'
Acronym Name AssemblyName ConnectionString
PPA Primary Phasor Archive openHistorian.Adapters.dll ArchiveDirectories={D:\Archive;E:\Archive;F:\Archive}; AttachedPaths=G:\SavedEvents; MaximumArchiveDays=365
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