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openXDA is an extensible platform that automatically processes and analyzes event files from disturbance monitoring equipment such as DFRs and power quality monitors. openXDA runs as a back-office service watching for new event files (and/or changes in event data within meter polling databases). openXDA produces emails and raises alarms based on meter data quality and/or the nature of the system event that triggered the meter. Among the automated functions provided by openXDA is determination of fault type and location. Overview presentation.

openXDA incorporates configurable logic to detect faults and determine fault location as well as to perform additional disturbance analytics. As seen in the figure below, this logic includes tests to both detect the fault and fault-distance as well as test to validate that the results are valid. XDA Overview Importantly, openXDA provides an open and easily accessible "data layer" for disturbance and trending data collected by DFRs and PQ monitors. For example, GPA's openSEE leverages the openXDA data layer.