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The Open Source Phasor Data Concentrator

Project Description
The substationSBG administered by the Grid Protection Alliance (GPA) couples the high-performance phasor data processing features of the openPDC and the security features of SIEGate into a purpose-built
system that is both a substation PDC and a gateway for the secure, reliable communication of synchrophasor data from a substation to the control center. It acts as a synchrophasor data gateway in that it can securely and efficiently gather and redistribute high-resolution (e.g., 60 sample-per-second) time-series data from multiple devices and move real-time data in a consolidated stream to a central location, e.g., as upstream openPDC, and also keep a central data repository complete by providing automated data recovery capabilities using its short-term rolling local archive.

Be sure to check out our new video on Data Gap Recovery.

substationSBG Overview


substationSBG Brochure

The Gateway Exchange Protocol
The substationSBG uses the highly efficient Gateway Exchange Protocol (GEP) to move data among interested parties (all standard synchrophasor protocols are also supported as needed). This protocol has been optimized to minimize bandwidth as the gateway flexibly implements publish-subscribe with individual phasor measurement point granularity. See: GEP Protocol Overview
GEP Protocol Use Tutorial
GEP Bandwidth Estimator Spreadsheet
GEP Subscription Tester

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