GCode Sender in CAM Mode

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Using the sender in Kiri:Moto's CAM mode requires the installation of a Serial Port JSON Server on the machine attached to your CNC Mill. This can be your computer or another one on the network. Here at GRID.SPACE Labs, we have a Pi 3 attached to our X-Carve allowing completely wireless milling :)


Important note on Onshape requiring HTTPS

Onshape is served over SSL and this means Kiri:Moto will be, too. When the GCode sender makes a connection from within an SSL Frame, that connection must be SSL as well. SPJS only recently acquired the capability for serving it's connections via SSL, so you will need version 1.92 or newer.

The next issue is certificates. It is more than likely that you will be using self-signed certs for your intranet proxy. Chrome, notably, and possible other browsers do not like this. You will have to convince them to accept your certs by opening a browser tab to the SSL host:port of your SPJS proxy. In Chrome, this means ignoring the warning and clicking "Advanced" and "proceed anyway" to the target site.

The default SPJS HTTPS port is 8990 and the default HTTP port is 8989.

Once this is done, you can connect to SPJS from Kiri:Moto inside Onshape.

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