Keyboard and Mouse Controls

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view control description
h home view
t top view
l left view
r right view
b back view
s toggle layer view mode
[shift] mouse-wheel change visible layer
[left-click-drag] rotate viewport
[meta-click-drag] pan viewport
[right-click-drag] pan viewport
[3-touch-drag] pan viewport
[mouse-wheel] zoom viewport
[middle-click-drag] zoom viewport
[2-touch-pinch] zoom viewport
[meta]-r toggle outline render mode
object control description
d duplicate object
m mirror object
a arrange objects on table
w toggle wireframe view
[delete] delete selected object(s)
[arrow-left] z-rotate CCW 90 degrees
[arrow-right] z-rotate CW 90 degrees
[shift-arrow-left] z-rotate CCW 5 degrees
[shift-arrow-right] z-rotate CW 5 degrees
[arrow-up] x-rotate CW 90 degrees
[arrow-bottom] x-rotate CCW 90 degrees
[shift-arrow-up] x-rotate CW 5 degrees
[shift-arrow-down] x-rotate CCW 5 degrees
[option-arrow-left] move object(s) left 5mm
[option-arrow-right] move object(s) right 5mm
[option-arrow-up] move object(s) up 5mm
[option-arrow-down] move object(s) down 5mm
workspace description
[meta]-s save workspace
[meta]-l load workspace
[meta]-a select all objects
[ctrl]-1 toggle left control panel
[ctrl]-2 toggle right control panel
[esc] deselect objects, close modal dialogs
[mouse-click] (de)select object
[shift-mouse-click] (de)select object multiple
c open gcode sender
e open devices dialog
o open CNC tools dialog
u import config linked to token
U create shareable config token
i editable string for selected settings (shareable)
? help window ('esc' to dismiss)
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