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Griddle is in development, so there are a few features that are either being actively worked on or out on the horizon. If you don't see a killer feature that you're looking for, feel free to update the wiki or create an enhancement/discussion issue!

We're actively working on

  • Letting the dust settle on ver0.2.0 and addressing any bugs that may present themselves.

What we're working on next

  • Make the component more accessible
  • Some code clean-up / more tests

We're wanting to work on

  • IE8 support
  • Set up TravisCI
  • Improved documentation / examples
    • Flux example
    • jQuery / reqwest example
    • Server-side rendering example with / node
  • Flow to check properties
  • Editable grid example

Potential updates

  • Use Facebook's Immutable library.
  • Resizable columns
  • Draggable columns
  • Export to csv|json|xml|pdf|xlsx|name it
  • Your feature here! :+1:
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