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A few changes to Replicant to make it fit my particular use case
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On the process of fully ditching my shaddy Qualcomm based pocket spy I felt the need to make a few changes to my Replicant experience, they are mostly contained in this repository.

While it pains me to taint such a great project with non-free dependencies, it was necessary in order to be able to get rid of my current shaddy device.

Changes applied to Replicant 4.2

  • Switched the internal storage from physical to emulated to allow encryption.
  • Re-enabled video recording, hardware video encoding and decoding. Based on Wolfgang's proposal for the S3. (Requires non-free MFC firmware)
  • Changed camera preview from rgb565 to yuv420sp to allow for QR code scanning. (Requires EGL, Gralloc and Mali non-free drivers)
  • Support for isolated persistent recovery. Based on Lanchon's proposal.
  • Dirty COW vulnerability fix. From Torvalds' upstream changes
  • Support for the TLS 1.2 protocol, removal of SSL 3 and weak ciphers.
  • Wolfgang Wiedmeyer's OpenSSL and Frameworks Base forks, full of security patches.

Associated repositories

Recent builds and signatures

Public Key: 5E1C EF76 A78A A66B 0701 37C7 426E C780 9555 34E6

Source code

mkdir replicant-4.2
cd replicant-4.2
repo init -u -b replicant-4.2

Repartitioning, expanding /data and shrinking /emmc

(!!) User discretion is advised (!!)

Repartitioning the internal memory can brick your phone, be careful!

I've prepared a partition table that expands /data (mmcblk0p10) as much as possible, shrinks /sdcard (mmcblk0p11) and /preload (mmcblk0p12) by changing the position of their border blocks, resulting in a 14GiB /data partition.

PIT files and signatures are avaliable here:

Unless you change the coordinates of a partition its contents should be safe, simply flash the partition table using Heimdall:

heimdall flash --repartition --PIT I9100_14GBdataPIT_grim.pit

Alternatively you can include the kernel+cwm-recovery image in order to install Replicant via the .zip file:

heimdall flash --repartition --PIT I9100_14GiBdataPIT_grim.pit --KERNEL recovery.img

Or even flash Replicant, its kernel+cwm-recovery and an optional separate recovery of your choosing in one go using the image files:

heimdall flash --repartition --PIT I9100_14GiBdataPIT_grim.pit --KERNEL boot.img --FACTORYFS system.img [--RECOVERY twrp-*-i9100.img]

Required non-free files, firmware and drivers

Extracted from CyanogenMod 10.1.3 (

├── cameradata
│   ├── datapattern_420sp.yuv
│   └── datapattern_front_420sp.yuv
└── lib
    ├── egl
    │   ├── egl.cfg
    │   ├──
    │   ├──
    │   └──
    ├── hw
    │   └──
└── firmware
    └── mfc_fw.bin

Check out Paul Kocialkowski's guide on how to extract non-free firmware from CyanogenMod.

Regarding the drivers and miscelaneous files, you can manually extract them from the CM zip, place them in a folder structure similar to the one displayed above and do something like

find system -type f -exec sh -c "adb push {} /{} ; adb shell chmod 644 /{}" \;
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