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Thinkful Front-End Capstone Project
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NFL Player Compare compares two NFL players at a particular position based on relevant statistics. Players' statistics are displayed for a single week in a single season. The user inputs the position, the season (year), and the week for comparison. Based on that information, the call to the API listed below is made and two identical dropdown menus are displayed from which the user selects two players. Once the players are selected, the relevant statistics are displayed along with a comparison denoted by yellow highlighting. The user can then close the popup window and choose another set of players from the same position-year-week set of choices, or choose a new set of position, year, and week criteria.

Tech Stack:

NFL Player Compare is the 1st Capstone Project for Thinkful's Full-Stack Web Development Course. It encompasses HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, and call(s) to an API.

This application makes use of jQuery for display functionality and jQuery's AJAX function to call the API. Layout for both the main page and the popup window is done with the CSS-Grid property.

API Reference: Fantasy Football Web Services Documentation - Version 1 -

Specifically, the API url endpoint used to retrieve player information is:

Note of Caution - Important!!!

  1. The NFL API site used for this application undergoes a periodic unscheduled update. As a result, the player statistics from any given year returns all false values, which are rendered as "0" in this app. The player name, team, and position, along with the player photo are still rendered for all possible years.


First Page:

how do i get a relative image path to show an image here

Popup Window:

how do i get a relative image path to show an image here

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