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Travel Game Plan API

For use with:


Going on vacation? A business trip? Organizing a trip with friends? Keep track of them all with Travel Game Plan! Coordinate your trip with friends and keep track of who's bringing what.


  • /api/users/ - Register a new user. - POST

  • /api/users/me - All trips for a given user - GET

  • /api/users/me - Add a new trip to a given user's list. - PUT

  • /api/auth/login - Existing user login. - POST

  • /api/auth/refresh - User exchanges a valid JWT for a new one with a later expiration. - POST

  • /api/trip/ - List of all trips in database. - GET

  • /api/trip/ - Create a new trip & UUID for a user. Add the trip to their list of trips & add the user to the list of users for the trip - POST

  • /api/trip/:tripId - Retrieve one particular trip along with its list of items & list of users from a user's list of trips. - GET

  • /api/trip/:tripId - Create a new item for a particular trip. - POST

  • /api/trip/:tripId - Edit existing trip information. - PUT

  • /api/trip/:tripId - Remove a particular trip from the database. - DELETE

  • /api/trip/:tripId/:itemId - Edit an existing item. - PUT

  • /api/trip/:tripId/:itemId - Remove a particular item from the list of items of a particular trip. - DELETE

  • /api/trip/:trip-invite/:tripUUID - Returns the tripName & tripUUID only when sent a trip UUID from a user receiving an invitation. - GET

Tech Stack

  • Node.js
  • Express
  • MongoDB
  • Passport
  • JWT
  • Mocha & Chai
  • TravisCI
  • Heroku
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