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Plugin making

Boiler plate for plugins

You can simply fork or copy the project to make plugins.

Boiler plate for typescript

Boiler plate for javascript


To make any plugins are able to be worked with the other plugins fine, any plugins should match the specification below. If you can use template projects, you should use them. But, if you need to use your own development environments, read this specification to follow.


This specification refer some words described here.

Plugin name

Same as NPM package name.

Short plugin name

To make plugin name can be accessed in easy way, short plugin name is NPM package name transformed following way.

  • Remove head of grimoirejs-
  • Replace - with _

Assume a plugin grimoirejs-A-B-C, the short plugin name of this plugin is A_B_C.

Directory structure

Grimoire.js plugin of NPM package must include these directories.

  • ref
  • register
  • src

File structures and purposes


This is the file loaded with require("<Plugin package name>/register"). This file must contains all javascript entire bundled plugin project.

Exported object

Assume a plugin have these files below.

  • src/A.js
  • src/B/C.js
  • src/B/D.js

The export object must be below.


When the code required, plugin must assign the object above into window.GrimoireJS.lib.{Plugin package name}.


  • Bundled index.js must not contain any other plugins code that the plugin depend to. (Do not call require("<Plugin name of dependency>/register")in your library code. But,require("<Plugin name of dependency>/ref/PATH/TO/MODULE") is ok to include since that is just referencing the other object.)
  • Directory named A and a js file named A.js cannot exist in same time because of this specification.

ref directory

The files to fetch reference of exported object inside of plugin should be included in this directory.

For instance,ref/B/C.js should be generated with following code for src/B/C.js.

window.GrimoireJS.lib.<short plugin name of dependency>.B.C;

Furthermore, plugins need to generate ref/B/C.d.ts with following way for the users want to use them with Typescript.

When src/B/C.ts exists(When plugin use typescript for development)

Copy the d.ts file generated from src/B/C.d.ts to ref/B/C.d.ts.

When src/B/C.ts doesn't exists(When plugins pure javascript for development)

Generate d.ts file like following code.

var v:any;
export default v;


The following code must be exported.


Helper commands in grimoirejs-cauldron

grimoirejs-cauldron would generate codes following the specification above.

generate-exposure command

$  cauldron generate-exposure --src ./src --dest ./src/index.ts --ts --main ./src/main.ts
parameter description
src Directory of source folder
dest .ts or .js file path exporting all objects to expose.
ts Use typescript or not
main Entry point of plugin

generate-reference command

$  cauldron generate-reference --src ./src --dest ./src/index.ts --ts --main ./src/main.ts --dts ./ref
parameter description
src Directory of source folder
dest .ts or .js file path exporting all objects to expose.
ts Use typescript or not
main Entry point of plugin
dts Directory of d.ts files
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