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ES6 project boilerplate for grimoirejs

This project provides you a simple starting point to make a plugin for Grimoire.js.

You don't need to know what this project do for a plugin suitable to grimoire.js. However, you can refer the plugin specification(Currently written in only japanese.)


  1. Clone this project(Or just download by zip file.)

  2. npm install to install dependencies.(Or you can use yarn to install faster.)

  3. Now you can use npm start to watch task(Automatically build start when you change source files) and npm run build to just build.

  4. You must rename the name field of package.json to publish the package. (Name must begin with grimoirejs)

  5. /src folder is source folder all Typescript files should contained. And converter files and component files should stored in /src/Converters and /src/Components.