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Libusb for android based on libusb 1.0.9 - Working on Lollipop
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libusb is a library for USB device access from Linux, Mac OS X,
OpenBSD, NetBSD, and Windows userspace.
It is written in C and licensed under the LGPL-2.1 (see COPYING).

libusb is abstracted internally in such a way that it can hopefully
be ported to other operating systems. See the PORTING file for some
information, if you fancy a challenge. :)

libusb homepage:

Developers will wish to consult the API documentation:

Use the mailing list for questions, comments, etc:

- Peter Stuge <>
(use the mailing list rather than mailing developers directly)

-2014 Shachar Gritzman <> 
this libusb version support android(no root needed). 
in android 5.0(lollipop) google has changed security policy and now SELinux is enforced on all devices.
the original libusb has been modified without breking the interface in order to work with this new policy.

In order to use this solution you have to do those steps:

1. you need to open device by UsbManager
2. open by libusb
3. close by libusb
4. close by UsbManager
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