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Exception #171

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The below has been happening a lot after I created a private folder on google drive with encfs and moved a bunch of directories and subdirectories into it.

sync "./cert.crt" doesn't exist in server, uploading
exception: /build/buildd/grive-0.2.0/libgrive/src/http/ Throw in function long int gr::http::CurlAgent::ExecCurl(const string&, gr::http::Receivable, const gr::http::Header&)
Dynamic exception type: boost::exception_detail::clone_implgr::http::Error
std::exception::what: std::exception
] = #0 0x44d8bc grive gr::Exception::Exception()
#1 0x443939 grive gr::http::Error::Error()
#2 0x442f46 grive gr::http::CurlAgent::ExecCurl(std::string const&, gr::http::Receivable, gr::http::Header const&)
#3 0x4434a9 grive gr::http::CurlAgent::Put(std::string const&, std::string const&, gr::http::Receivable
, gr::http::Header const&)
#4 0x457d0f grive gr::Resource::Upload(gr::http::Agent, std::string const&, gr::http::Header const&, bool)
#5 0x4583c1 grive gr::Resource::Create(gr::http::Agent
, gr::http::Header const&)
#6 0x45aac3 grive gr::Resource::SyncSelf(gr::http::Agent, gr::http::Header const&)
#7 0x45ae79 grive gr::Resource::Sync(gr::http::Agent
, gr::http::Header const&)
#8 0x45af0b grive gr::Resource::Sync(gr::http::Agent, gr::http::Header const&)
#9 0x43b85f grive gr::State::Sync(gr::http::Agent
, gr::http::Header const&)
#10 0x4404aa grive gr::Drive::Update()
#11 0x42c3ba grive Main(int, char**)
#12 0x42a37b grive main
#13 0x7f93d8259ea5 /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ __libc_start_main
#14 0x42b295 grive

[gr::expt::MsgTag] =
] = 0
[gr::http::HttpResponseTag] = 403
] =[XXX]
[gr::http::HeaderTag*] = Expect:


I had a similar problem which arose because grive syncs itself to Google Drive.

I have grive running on two separate machines. On one machine I upgraded from version 0.2.0 to 0.3.0. Grive then uploaded the 0.3.0 executable to GoogleDrive and then it was synced to the other machine. However the second machine didn't have all the dependencies it needed to run 0.3.0.

The additional dependencies (duplicated from my other post) were as below. It's possible just installing these would fix it, but I recompiled grive on the second machine to be sure.

sudo apt-get install ruby libboost-test1.49 libboost-test1.49-dev

git clone git://
cd yajl
sudo make install
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