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I am trying to upload over 2Gb file to Google drvie but it happens some error indicate file is too large from boost. Does it have any solution can help me to solve this problems? I also can not upload 1.9Gb file successfully but It don't display any error.

My Grive version is 0.2.0-pre, Thank a lot.

-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 2202009600 Jun 15 09:56 2G

Reading local directories
exception: /usr/local/Grive-grive-ea4fda5/libgrive/src/util/OS.cc(57): Throw in function gr::DateTime gr::os::FileCTime(const std::string&)
Dynamic exception type: boost::exception_detail::clone_implgr::os::Error
std::exception::what: std::exception
[boost::errinfo_file_name_] = ./2G
] = 75, "Value too large for defined data type"
[boost::errinfo_api_function_] = stat
] = #0 0x80f7a5a :0 gr::Exception::Exception()
#1 0x80f5553 :0 gr::os::Error::Error()
#2 0x80f37e7 :0 gr::os::FileCTime(std::string const&)
#3 0x80f38fe :0 gr::os::FileCTime(boost::filesystem3::path const&)
#4 0x80dca74 :0 gr::Resource::FromLocal(gr::DateTime const&)
#5 0x80d5926 :0 gr::State::FromLocal(boost::filesystem3::path const&, gr::Resource)
#6 0x80d5a5f :0 gr::State::FromLocal(boost::filesystem3::path const&)
#7 0x80cf6c6 :0 gr::Drive::Drive(gr::OAuth2&, gr::Json const&)
#8 0x80bc569 :0 Main(int, char
#9 0x80bc6f5 :0 main
#10 0xb7b7d050 /opt/cross-project/x86/sys-root/lib/tls/i686/cmov/libc.so.6 __libc_start_main
#11 0x80bac91 :0 _start

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looks like I need to use stat64() instead.


I upload about 1.9G file but it also fail, log message doesn't display any error.
just "sync "./1_9G" doesn't exist in server, uploading",

ls -al
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 2097152000 Jun 15 10:03 1_9G

The same file size in another machine, it display

terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::bad_alloc'
what(): std::bad_alloc

The development team of Grive member
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