Send default log to stdout instead of stderr #132

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As requested by #131, it is indeed useful when running from cron.

Is this issue open?

will this be merged to main grive repo?

Yes, it will. Please be patient, we are reviewing all Pull Requests piling up here, it will take time, but we will go through every one of them.

vadipp commented Mar 14, 2014

estomagado, I believe you need to give more people admin rights to the repo. Last commit was 11 months ago. That's not serious :( There are a lot of people making pull requests here which would be eager to help, I think.

saro commented Apr 21, 2017

Is this project still alive? This is still an issue and it would be great if this pull request could be accepted.


vitalif commented Apr 21, 2017

There's vitalif/grive2, submit it there :-)

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