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Releases: Grix/ildagen


26 Mar 19:21
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  • Add ability to easily duplicate whole timeline layers.
  • Fix issue that pressing "Cancel" on numeric input popups acted the same as pressing "Ok" with a value of 0.
  • Improved some context menus in the timeline mode with more features that previously only had keyboard shortcuts.
  • Fix issues when creating an envelope layer using the context menu instead of the ENV. button.
  • Fix length of object on timeline not being updated when overwriting it with a different animation from the editor mode.
  • Minor improvements on the projection window settings UI.
  • Fix DAC library etc not working if Visual C++ Redistributable 64-bit is not manually installed.


15 Jan 19:18
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  • Fix macOS bug that makes program unresponsive when trying to open/save files.
  • Change the editor mode animation function "reverse" option actually be the inverse rather than reverse.
  • Add keyboard shortcut SHIFT+1 and SHIFT+2 to set current frame as scope start or end in editor mode.
  • On Windows, files can now be dragged onto the LSG window to load/import them.
  • Move to 64-bit for Windows. The following DACs are NOT yet supported on 64-bit: EasyLase, RIYA, OLSC, sound cards. Please stay on 1.9.10 if you use these DACs.


02 Oct 15:37
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  • Improve detection of LaserCube and IDN network DACs on some computers.
  • Add duty cycle parameter to the timeline mode strobe generation tool.
  • Timeline markers are now visible in the mini timeline in the editor mode too.
  • Add ability to customize the frequency thresholds for the audio visualization in timelines.
  • Add optional setting to skip common confirmation/warning messages.


22 Jun 16:55
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  • Make demo timeline show playable on DACs in the free version.
  • Add keyboard shortcut keys 1 and 2 for seting start and end of editor mode scope.
  • Misc. other minor changes.


03 Apr 12:29
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  • Fix possible bug on macOS where some keyboard shortcuts made dialog windows reappear over and over.
  • Add master intensity/brightness slider in settings and timeline windows.
  • Show warning if user has not saved timeline project in a long time.
  • Fix text showing "Ctrl" instead of "Cmd" for macOS keyboard shortcuts.


16 Jan 22:43
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  • Add new step (square wave) animation type in editor mode.
  • Fix crash when undoing after having selected color in editor mode.


02 Jan 18:46
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  • Fix large simulated preview not being available when having a window scaling setting higher than 1.
  • Add various keyboard shortcuts.
  • Add serial number to network LaserCube names so that they can be uniquely identified and remembered between sessions.
  • Fix unable to right-click on multiple objects in timeline mode because all but one would get deselected.
  • Fix a possible crash or silent error after importing some ILDA files in timeline mode.
  • Add quicksaving, and displaying of currently opened file, to editor mode.
  • Suppress duplicate messages on certain warnings or errors.
  • Other misc. minor improvements.


29 Nov 19:16
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  • Add playlist feature for playing multiple timeline shows after one another.
  • Fix bug where menus or dialog windows sometimes did not show up on some computers.
  • Fix more possible crashes.


21 Nov 15:47
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  • Fix several possible crashes and other bugs.
  • Add custom keyboard shortcuts to jump to specific Timeline Mode positions during playback.
  • Fix missing menu item for selecting keyboard shortcut for Live Mode files.
  • Add undo/redo functionality for reversing of Editor Mode animation.


27 Sep 13:52
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  • Able to more easily select and deselect multiple timeline objects (hold CTRL and drag mouse over).
  • Fix possibly glitchy laser output in Timeline Mode and settings preview with dynamic FPS.
  • Fix not being able to detect more than one LaserCube Network device.
  • More stable LaserCube/LaserDock connection and output (both USB and network type).
  • Fix DAC/projector scanning not working at all on a few computers due to missing C++ runtime.
  • Option for "push to play" rather than "toggle play" for files in Live Mode.