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@HashEngineering HashEngineering released this Jun 21, 2019 · 7 commits to master since this release

The Google version is the same as on the Google Play store and it will not support some Stealth and Remote functions. The Full version supports all functions. If you install the Google version, you can still manually install the full version and your wallet will not be lost.

Fixes in this release:

  1. Remove RBF from the settings menu
  2. Fix the check for installed from Google Play to show an upgrade option.

Known Issues:

If sending multiple payments right after one another, make sure you see the last sent payment before sending another. If you don't see it press the refresh button.

Name: groestlcoin-samourai-google-
Size: 14307400 bytes (13 MiB)
SHA256: 9DEAED91F7CC42B9F6BBB946E34B73A2003318EAD5D131952D856F0994419445

Name: groestlcoin-samourai-full-
Size: 14307500 bytes (13 MiB)
SHA256: 50644BB3C3C888299007DB00A8DF364E131709B620530910A6BE6EB47A8D5816

Name: groestlcoin-samourai-_testnet_full-
Size: 14235280 bytes (13 MiB)
SHA256: 02966447394006044D20EE2AB8DEDF58C7F37FB62EBBBDDF586DFAE1FA60C898

Name: groestlcoin-samourai-_testnet-google-
Size: 14235108 bytes (13 MiB)
SHA256: 25FF86D2311AE5424826AB856BD476999178CF4395AACCA9DFDF9443510855D7

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