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Groestl Vanitygen - Generate Groestlcoin addresses with a custom pattern in the address.
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CHANGELOG Release v1.03b Dec 28, 2017
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Makefile Add instructions for Linux Nov 6, 2018
Makefile.Win32 build also oclvanitygen.exe Nov 6, 2018
Makefile.Win64 Add build instructions for windows 64 Nov 6, 2018 format readme Feb 18, 2017
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groestl.c Added support for GRS with -G option to vanitygen and oclvanitygen. T… Oct 27, 2015
oclengine.h Initial multi-device OpenCL support for oclvanitygen and oclvanityminer. Aug 17, 2012
pattern.h Release v1.03b Dec 28, 2017
sph_groestl.h Added support for GRS with -G option to vanitygen and oclvanitygen. T… Oct 27, 2015
util.c Release v1.03b Dec 28, 2017
vanitygen.c Add compressed address support Dec 27, 2017
winglue.c Add osx build instructions and fix strtok_r Nov 6, 2018
winglue.h Add osx build instructions and fix strtok_r Nov 6, 2018

A standalone command line vanity address generator called vanitygen.

Vanitygen is written in C, and is provided in source code form and pre-built Win32 binaries. At present, vanitygen can be built on Linux, and requires the openssl and pcre libraries.

Vanitygen can generate regular groestlcoin addresses and testnet addresses.

Vanitygen can search for exact prefixes or regular expression matches.
When searching for exact prefixes, vanitygen will ensure that the prefix is possible, will provide a difficulty estimate, and will run about 30% faster. Exact prefixes are case-sensitive by default, but may be searched case-insensitively using the "-i" option. Regular expression patterns follow the Perl-compatible regular expression language.

Vanitygen can accept a list of patterns to search for, either on the command line, or from a file or stdin using the "-f" option. File sources should have one pattern per line. When searching for N exact prefixes, performance of O(logN) can be expected, and extremely long lists of prefixes will have little effect on search rate. Searching for N regular expressions will have varied performance depending on the complexity of the expressions, but O(N) performance can be expected.

By default, vanitygen will spawn one worker thread for each CPU in your system. If you wish to limit the number of worker threads created by vanitygen, use the "-t" option.

Latest binary release is available at:

###General Usage Example:###

Generate an address using CPU(slower):

Linux: ./vanitygen Fgrs
Windows: vanitygen.exe Fgrs

Difficulty: 78508
Pattern: Fgrs
Address: Fgrsa16NshK1ua6KyBSXahz6D9PYUbvL3d
Privkey: 5JssG8to6x62vf9pC7ktJhXc3jJV31JR1Do7qLvQEx8wVUQ37op

Generate an address using GPU(faster):

Linux: ./oclvanitygen Fgrs
Windows: oclvanitygen.exe Fgrs

Difficulty: 78508
Pattern: Fgrs
Address: FgrsjEdkYaubKoxqKJ9uGP9pHxknhrn7Vj
Privkey: 5KHCnR5HAkdrePoQiXcvJh3ZADt1EymnryySi4tkqTArnQGTwQc

###Password protecting private keys:###

Linux: ./vanitygen -o results.txt -i -e Fgrs
Windows: vanitygen.exe -o results.txt -i -e Fgrs

For GPU use substitute "vanitygen" with "oclvanitygen" in command.
"-o results.txt" save results to text file results.txt
"-i" case insensitive
"-e" prompt for password(used to encrypt/decrypt private key)
"Fgrs" Pattern to search for

Difficulty: 19627
Enter new password:
Verifying - Enter new password:
Pattern: Fgrs
Address: FgRsguD6fqcHM7HXHG6WDqSg78NrdRB4Bz
Protkey: PsTaTXeXSLDrVc8bjJVg6uTvDhdziG5jHXyM6jC1j1wf4EFCt5n5djP5rBbtnztkvQLQ

###Decrypting password protected private keys:###

Linux: ./keyconv -d PsTaTXeXSLDrVc8bjJVg6uTvDhdziG5jHXyM6jC1j1wf4EFCt5n5djP5rBbtnztkvQLQ
Windows: keyconv.exe -d PsTaTXeXSLDrVc8bjJVg6uTvDhdziG5jHXyM6jC1j1wf4EFCt5n5djP5rBbtnztkvQLQ

"-d" decrypt flag
"PsTaTXeXSLDrVc8bjJVg6uTvDhdziG5jHXyM6jC1j1wf4EFCt5n5djP5rBbtnztkvQLQ" private key to decrypt

Enter import password:
Address: FgRsguD6fqcHM7HXHG6WDqSg78NrdRB4Bz
Privkey: 5JvKJy4XSeGRHapyTich5oVYiwANPbzjvFiHXSafawU4eNcD5Wt

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