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This section describes new modding avenues enabled by Temple+. It is intended for the scripter-level modder.

You should also be familiar with the "standard" modding if you aren't already. There is a wealth of knowledge at the Circle of Eight forum on this:
Co8 ToEE toolset documentation
Ted's Modding Tutorials
Co8 General Modding.

The Scripting API page will also provide for reference on common python commands and such, and will be updated with new Temple+ python methods.


Many Temple+ data files reside inside the tpgamefiles.dat and co8fixes.dat files. You may find these files inside the Temple+ installation folder.

Temple+ allows to override files using an override folder. In addition some files have become "modularized" such that you can use extension files instead of overwriting the entire thing.

See the files section for more info.

Python-level modding

Temple+ exposes many previously hardcoded systems to the Python script layer.

The relevant sections for the Python-level modder are:


To get your feet wet, you might want to start out by unpacking the .dat files mentioned above. See the files section for more info.

Afterwards, you should experiment with editing or creating character classes or feats. You'll want to take a look at the files inside:

It may take some getting used to, so don't worry if you're a bit overwhelmed, and feel free to ask some questions on the forum!

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